Why must vessels pay Navdues?

Navdues are levied to provide a reliable and coherent network of Aids to Navigation along the coast of the Sultanate of Oman. This network is of vital benefit to all mariners. Failure to pay Navdues places this network of navigational aids and their users at risk.

How is the Navdues rate calculated and does it represent value for money?

The rate of Navdues was implemented by Royal Decree in late 2003. The rates have been enhanced to cope with the increase in number of Aids to Navigation equipment   that AMNAS own from 62 in 2004 to 167 in 2016. The Government of the Sultanate of Oman reviewed the rate in 2011 and took into account the increase in the number of Aids to Navigation required to provide a fully IMO/IALA compliant AtoN service and AIS AtoN as well as the staff levels required to operate and maintain such a service to full international standards. AMNAS staff levels have risen from 3 in 2004 to 18 in 2011. Given the geographical size of Oman, this small work force is the absolute minimum required to provide the service. The Government directed increase is well below the level of inflation in Oman for the period January 2004 – October 2016 and as such provides demonstrable value for money.

Is it not the case that the availability of GPS makes lighthouses less significant?

GPS coverage is susceptible to degradation and interference and cannot be taken for granted. The highly respected UK based Trinity House said in 2005 that “over-reliance on satellite navigation systems is a concern, and Lighthouse Authorities must continue to ensure that Aids to Navigation are in place should satellite systems fail or fall victim to attack”. AMNAS is committed to the safety of mariners in all circumstances. Its enhanced service, including new lighthouses with value-added features, is and will be, of benefit to all mariners for the foreseeable future.

How are Navdues paid?

A certificate for each single transit voyage will be issued by AMNAS following a request in the approved format from a vessel’s appointed Shipping Agent. Each Shipping Agent will be invoiced once per fortnight with the total of Navdues Certificates issued during that period. A Navdues Certificate is valid for each voyage, regardless of the number of Omani ports of call per voyage. It is the responsibility of a vessel’s appointed agent to obtain a Navdues Certificate before the vessel arrives at its first port of call. A vessel will not be cleared for sailing until a valid Navdues certificate can be presented to the Port Authorities. Failure to obtain a Navdues Certificate is a breach of the Laws of The Sultanate of Oman.

How should failures or discrepancies in A to N be reported?

Mariners should report irregularities to the nearest Coast Radio Station in accordance with IMO SOLAS regulations. Anyone detecting an irregularity to an A to N within Omani Waters should also call the AMNAS 24 hour response line: GSM +968- 99104226.

Is the vessel Operating permanently in Oman water?

A vessel that remain in Exclusive Economic Zone for a period of more than one calendar month.

What is a single voyage?

A single voyage commences when a vessel enters Oman’s Exclusive Economic Zone bound for a port or anchorage in Oman. It ends when vessel leaves the EEZ. A vessel is charged only for the first port of call in any single voyage. The navdues certificate issued for the first port of call is valid for any other port calls made in Oman during that voyage.

Which vessels are liable for payment of Aids to Navigation Dues (Navdues)?

All non-exempted vessels which enter or operate permanently within the Territorial Waters and Exclusive Economic Zone of The Sultanate of Oman, and in the approaches to Omani ports and harbours are bound legally to pay Navdues to AMNAS.

Which vessels are exempt from paying Navdues?

Non-commercial Government vessels; warships; all sailing vessels; ships of less than 500 NRT; Tugs and Support Vessels of less than 500 NRT and vessels operating on behalf of AMNAS are exempt from the payment of Navdues.

What is the Navdues rate?

With effect from 3 July 2011: for vessels over 500 NRT Rial Omani (RO) 1.375 per 100 NRT with minimum RO 62.500 per single transit voyage. Trading vessels of over 500 NRT which are based permanently in Oman; RO 0.625 per 100 NRT per month (minimum RO 31.250 per month). Tugs and service craft over 500 NRT which operate permanently in Omani waters.

Royal Decree No. 81 / 2003

Approving the Aids to Navigation franchise agreement between the Omani Government and Arabian Maritime & Navigation Aids Services LLC (AMNAS).

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