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Company Profile

In late 2003, the Government of the Sultanate of Oman granted Arabian Maritime and Navigation Aids Services - AMNAS - a private limited company...

Our Mission

To keep mariners safe by providing a coherent, evolving, reliable and fully IMO compliant enhanced network of efficient aids to navigation covering ...
Arabian Maritime and Navigation Aids Services (AMNAS) is the only Aids to Navigation service provider in the Sultanate of Oman, our area of operation covers the Omani territorial waters and the Economic Exclusive Zone. AMNAS plays an important role in the field of safety of navigation in the Omani waters and approaches to the ports which enhances the safety of Omani waters for the global shipping. These important factors will make Omani ports more attractive to global
business and contributes to the economic development of Sultanate of Oman. AMNAS will always strive to adopt the best international practices in all our operations. We are the National Member representing The Sultanate in International Association for Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouses Authority and we will continue to be actively involved in the developments of the standards in the field of Aids to Navigation and safety of Navigation.
AMNAS believes that employees are the most valuable asset of the company and therefore, the development of Human Resource has been instrumental to the growth and success of our company. This is done by following a systematic professional and soft skill training programs. AMNAS firmly believes in its role as being a responsible corporate citizen. Through our Corporate Social Responsibility program, we will strive to fulfil our social responsibilities by attempting to make a positive contribution towards recognition of better society.